Friday, January 15, 2010

Day Thirteen

Friday, January 15, 2010


Today we met to have a closing discussion about our work here in Puerto Rico. Dr. Taylor referenced the work Dorothy Heathcote when explaining how we might proceed in processing our learning, as the theatre practitioner/facilitator/Joker must negotiate the space between sound/silence, dark/light, and stillness/movement.

We worked in small groups to analyze the work according to seven themes:

1. Jokering/Facilitating
2. Theatre Arts in the Caribbean
3. Group Dynamics
4. Curriculum
5. The Tool Box
6. Applied Theatre and the Social Justice Agenda
7. Forum Theatre

The comments that the group shared critically focused on specific examples from our work on the trip and negotiated the learning that happened as a result. Notable among the comments were:

- The interdisciplinary nature of the the Caribbean theatre artists (teatreros) speaks to the idea that one does not have to excel in one area of the arts, but must instead work to integrate the work from the various fields.

- Empowerment and agency are the key outcomes of forum theatre and the "rehearsal for revolution" that we speak of does not mean that the spect-actor is prepared for a particular situation, but rather they are empowered in a variety of ways from several forum experiences.

- The Joker not only functions as a facilliator, but also as an emcee, questioner, and proacateur. He or she succeeds when they are brave enough to interpret the work.

At the close of our session, we acknowledged our program assistant, Rocio Lopez, who worked diligently along with the Program Director and his assistant, Teresa Fisher, to plan activities, compiled the course book, and help the students acclimate to our experience here in Puerto Rico. Having done the job before on the London program, I know how difficult it can be to juggle the demands of twenty or so adults, and Rocio did a wonderful job of keeping her calm, maintaining organization, and assisting the staff of our program. Thank you Rocio. Thank you, Teresa. And thank you, Dr. Taylor.

FYI - I will leave this blog up as a reference for the participants on the program as well as other teachers and theatre practitioners who may find the activities useful.

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